Interesting device I played with yesterday - Tablet that docks into notebook keyboard w/touchpad


The Asus Transformer. I used it for a few minutes and found it to be easy to type on and to navigate with the touchpad. And the touchpad also supports gestures so you can fully navigate the Android interface. The only thing I noticed is that is was easy to tap the touchpad by accident while typing and mess up where you were. There might be a touchpad setting to address this somewhere but I couldn't find it.

This differs from the external keyboards available for most tablets because of the integrated pointing device, USB ports, and card reader that are built in. Oh, and I don't think it uses Bluetooth since the tablet plugs directly into the keyboard.

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Sunrise, I just can't stop taking pictures of you. "Sun@6:41"



You may notice that I post a lot of pictures of the sky.... especially sunrise images.  It's just mesmerizing to me.  Many images I will grab with my iPhone camera.  But for those that cause me to stop in my tracks and stare... out comes the Digital SLR. 

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My poor iPhone screen


Dropped from just a few feet.  Bummer.

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The North End - Modern Pastry in black & white


In the background is the sound of hundreds of simultaneous conversations and accordion music. Taken this evening on iPhone 4 with some assistance from the ProHDR app.

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Mural on the side of Trader Joe's in Cambridge MA

I'm sure many of you have seen this...I pass it once in a while.  Every time I see it I just stand there in the incredibly busy parking lot (shared with Microcenter, Starbucks, etc.) and gaze.  The colors are amazing and this just seems to 'light up' the area.  

This mural is called "Sunday Afternoon on the Charles River" by David Fichter and was commissioned by Trader Joe's.

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