The ad says "Don't try this at home". But why the heck not?

This is an ad I saw for an after-school program in the Boston area. I've walked by it a number of times and it aggravates me when I see it. I'll tell you why.

The advertisers message is that you should not let your child do things like this at home, but instead send them to a place outside of the home (for which you would need to pay) where your child will supposedly be allowed to do such things. But my question is, why not?

Why not let them get messy, take chances, be creative, and even make mistakes? And why not at home so family and friends can enjoy?

Kids should be given the opportunity to do things like this at home. As Randy Pausch said in his world famous presentation The Last Lecture, "let your kids paint their room".
I completely agree.

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