No more forgetting to take AC adapter with me - here's what I did.

As I sat down at Starbucks the other day planning to get some work done, I turned on my computer and got the dreaded "battery is critically low" message.  Yeah, I forgot to plug it in to charge again.  Not only that but I had left the AC adapter at the office.  I decided to fix this.

I "mounted" an AC adapter to the outside of my computer bag.  I used one of the thin Dell AC adapters so it doesn't add bulk to the bag.  The bag has one of those straps on the back to hook it over the handle on larger rolling luggage.  This is a perfect place to attach the adapter using it's cord strap and a few nylon tie wraps.  One wire runs into the compartment where the PC is and the other end (AC plug) can be pulled out and plugged in.

It works well and mounting the adapter like this doesn't take up precious storage space inside the bag.  Something else I realized is that this keeps the adapter away from the notebook, especially the screen.  So if the bag gets squished I'm not going to end up putting pressure on the notebook screen.  When I put the computer in the bag I instinctively plug the power cord into the notebook.  It helps if the power jack on your notebook is on the top or bottom edge.  Whenever the bag is near an outlet I plug it in.  When I am using the notebook I just take it out of the bag, leaving the power cord attached - unless I need ultimate mobility. 

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