The Chinese House Exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum - I recommend it

I just saw 'Yin Yu Tang: The Chinese House' exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem MA.

This is a house from a small village in China, Huang Cun, that was disassembled piece by piece and reassembled here at the museum. You really feel like you are there in China while walking around because this is an entire house, not just the interior. What I found most interesting was the concept of almost no exterior windows (for security reasons apparently). All rooms open into the center. As the narrator said, the focus was on family and not so much what was going on outside of your home. When you visit the Chinese House you get a device called an Audio Guide that provides narration while you make your way through the many rooms of the home. Admission to the Museum and the Chinese House for children/youth is free. For adults, admission to the museum is $15 and $5 extra for the Chinese House exhibit. So even for a large family like mine this is very affordable.

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