Guess I'm moving the blog over to blogger officially

I have been a Posterous user for a while. As you may know, they have shut down after the team was acquired by Twitter. Obviously, I dragged my feet on this one. Fortunately, I had Posterous set to cross-post pretty much everything I posted there to also post to this blog. But the images were all hosted from Posterous. So, as you can see, most of the blog posts that are supposed to have an image in them instead have a nice blank placeholder. Posterous did make an export feature available and sent out repeated warnings to users about getting their content out of there before the site went down for good. I did go through that process but now I can't find the export file. Oh well, no big deal. I just need to go find the original images and upload them.  

New posts will appear here and, as I get to it, older posts will get their images back.  Stay tuned. 


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